Hypoppressive Exercise and Postural Control

Some short examples of specific exercises:

Ejercicio de Gimnasia Hipopresiva 2
Ejercicio de Gimnasia Hipopresiva 1
Ejercicio de Gimnasia Hipopresiva 4
Ejercicio de Gimnasia Hipopresiva 3
What does this therapy consist in?

It is about a physical exercise in which different kind of body positions and movements are performed so as to get a decrease in the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic cavities. That is the reason of its name “Hypoppressive”. This is a very complete practice because it presents benefits in all of our body.

Do you know the benefits?

Note the benefits of this type of exercise and encourage to practice with us in FisioEnergía Physiotherapy Centre:

o Tones the waist and abdominal muscles cinch

o Releases tension by relaxing muscles and reducing the Back Pain

o Help prevent injuries and vertebral disc herniation

o Treatment for Post-partum or preparation for childbirth

o It is acting on the diaphragm improving breathing capacity

o Prevents and treats urinary incontinence effort

o Improved constipation

o Solves or prevents Descents of pelvic organs

Recently created in recent years, the Hypoppressive Abdominal Exercise and Postural Control has various applications in the field of health, prevention and sport.

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