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Treatment of injuries, accidents, massages, rehabilitation, recovery in sports... through a different perspective.
Find out how we work in this page.

Personalised Attention.

We take care of you, carrying out a complete treatment according to your necessities.

100% Professional Service.

The Physiotherapist of the Centre is qualified with the University Degree of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, is a collegiate member and is specialised in different kind of therapies. FisioEnergía is a Health Center registered in the Professional association of Physical Therapists of Cantabria and it is authorised by the Health Ministry of the Goverment of Cantabria.

Accessible Prices.

In FisioEnergía, very interesting prices are available. A 100% professional service with a 100% reasonable Price is offered.

In which we highlight:

These are the main services that treat.

Valoración y Exploración

Assessment and Examination.

Before handling a problem, we must find out what is happening and as close as possible to their cause and then choose the treatment of choice. This is how we work in FisioEnergía.

Lesiones y Enfermedades

Injuries and Diseases treated.

There are many health problems that a person can suffer. In our center we have several physiotherapy treatments and techniques to treat you and yours.

Deporte y Actividad Física

Sports and Physical Exercise.

Treating a person performing sport or physical activity requires a different and specific approach of their own sport.

Geriatría y 3º Edad

Geriatrics and Old Age.

Prevent, treat and rehabilitate those illnesses that exist in older adults or elderly is an important part of our everyday work.

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