A brief description of our main treatments:

Assessment and Examination

Valoración y Exploración

Our work method is based on the following principles. Listening to the patient about the problem, carrying out the essential questions, accomplishing tests and physical examination and others in order to approach to the origin of the problem.

After that, we can start to treat your disease or injury.

Injuries and Diseases treated

Lesiones y Enfermedades

There are loads of pathologies that can appear in a person. We will show you the benefits that Physical Therapy can give to you in order to recover in FisioEnergía:

o Muscle and joint soreness.
o Backache and neck pain.
o Lower back pain and sciatica.
o Disc herniations.
o Arthrosis.
o Post-Surgery rehabilitation.

Sports Area:

o Injuries that happen during the practice.
o Ligament sprains.
o Tendinitis and tendón pathologies.
o Muscle injuries: strains, ruptures and spasms.
o Rehabilitation, recovery and readaptation to the physical exercise.

Lesiones y Enfermedades1
Lesiones y Enfermedades2
Lesiones y Enfermedades3

CardioRespiratory and Neurology Area:

o Chronic Obstructive Pulmonar Disease (COPD).
o Bronchyolitis.
o Cystic Fibrosis.
o Post-Surgery rehabilitation.
o Lungs capacity improvement.
o Cerebral stroke accidents.
o Hemiplegia, diplegia..
o Neurodynamics.
o Carpal tunnel Syndroms and other nerves entrapments.

Do you suffer from a different kind of pathology? Isn’t it in the list? This list enumerates problems in general. For any other problem, don’t hesitate to contact to us and we will help you in order to find a solution to your needs.

Pediatrics Physical Therapy:

Pediatrics Physical Therapy is a discipline that is used by the physiotherapist in order to treat children in the first years of their life.

Lesiones y Enfermedades2

It is very useful in disorders such as:
o Flatulence.
o Constipation.
o Regurgitation disorders in babies.
o Colic during lactating period.

In FisioEnergía, non-invasive natural solutions are used to relieve, solve or prevent symptoms that are related to digestive disorders either babies or little kids.
Thanks to these special massages, the objective is to get a normal digestive condition and improve its function. Furthermore, the little children recieve other interesting benefits, for example, their rest time quality and quantity is increased due to the fact that they feel comfort. It is important to take into account that in the treatment session, the parents are taught by the specialised Physical Therapist how to carry out these special massages. This methodology improves the relation between the parents and the baby, something considered absolutely important.

Sports and Physical Exercise

Deporte y Actividad Física

"It's not the same to treat a person who does not do physical exercise regularly, than to treat a person doing sport and having to re-exercise the injured area by the existence of an upcoming competition."

Analyzing this phrase, we realised that the workload should be different and must be made with another visión, the sports and competition visión. We invite you to FisioEnergía to know how we work for these type of people called athletes.

Deporte y Actividad Física
Fisioterapeuta del Equipo de Balonceso Cantabria Estela
Deporte y Actividad Física

Most frequent injuries that take part during sports practice are:

o Ligament spains.
o Tendinits and tendón pathologies.
o Muscle strains, ruptures and spasms.
o Rehabilitation, recovery and readaptation to physical exercise.

Geriatrics and old age

Geriatría y 3º Edad

Ageing is the combination of morphological and physiological modifications that appear with the passing of time. This fact produces a worse adaptation of our body faced with damaging processes and diseases, being more frequent the symptoms appearance.

In FisioEnergía, prevent, treat and rehabilitate those illnesses that exist in old adults is an important part of our daily work.

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