FisioEnergía: Center of Physiotherapy authorized by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Cantabria, advanced technology and a human team ready to help you in your injuries and diseases

Centro FisioEnergía: Registry Number of Health Centers 06/2014/02545

Staff Members

Meet the human team of FisioEnergía

Valoración y Exploración

Lucas A. Guerrero Crespo

o Director of Centro FisioEnergía and Physical Therapist collegiate member No 39/701, graduated in the University of Gimbernat-Cantabria. Specialisation in Thorax pathologies.
o Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy in Sports and Recovery in Physical Activity in the University of Cantabria.
o Academic Education in Invasive Therapy.
o Academic Education in Pilates Method for Physical Therapists.
o Academic Education in Hypopressive Exercise.
o Physical Therapist of the Tenis Club of Castro Urdiales.
o Physical Therapist of the Professional Basketball Team Estela of Santander.
Season 2014/2015.

Lesiones y Enfermedades

Helena Gasco Martín

o Physical Therapist and collegiate member No 39/847, Bachelor’s degree in the University Rey Juan Carlos I, Madrid.
o Postgraduate Studies: Expert Physical Therapist in Sports, University Rey Juan Carlos I, Madrid.
o Academic Education in lactating colic treatment and digestive disorders in babies and children.
o Academic Education in Hypopressive Exercise. o Academic Education in Pilates Mat.


Nuestra clínica
Nuestra clínica
Centro de Fisioterapia Castro Urdiales
Ejercicio de Gimnasia Hipopresiva 3
Ejercicio de Gimnasia Hipopresiva 3

Physical Therapy definition

The Physical Therapy is a sanitary intervention which is based on assessment, examination and diagnosis of problems, alterations and injuries as well as in the treatment, rehabilitation and even prevention of those problems.

The working area of the Physical Therapy is huge, being bigger due to the continuous research in Health, both nationally and internationally. Based in the clinical experience and the scientific evidence, in FisioEnergía Center we don’t focus in only one thing, we worktreating the whole person considering his or her characteristics to get the Best Health condition for our patients. Every kind of people, both children and adults.

Please, for more information about us, don’t hesitate to contact. We will be grateful to satisfy your needs.

Best Regards,

Lucas A. Guerrero Crespo.

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